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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement. If ever there was a video to watch that tell's it like it really is, this is the one. If this is the way the world works you can never beleive anything you see on tv or hear on the radio again. The video is long but worth the time spent.

Australia's Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy giving a press conference about how well we Australian's are doing with our staying at home during the pandemic . The disturbing bit about these two clips is were he received his infomation from. People need to start to think about reducing the amount of time your mobile phones are on for.
                                                            Clip one
                                                            Clip Two

Coronavirus US: Nurse claims NYC is ‘killing’ patients with ventilatorsPatients with COVID-19 at hospitals in New York City are hooked up to ventilators and “left to rot and die”, according to a nurse working on the frontline. If this is true this should be the number one talking point around the world.  More and more of these type of reports are starting to surface yet you will not see them on the main stream news.
The link will take you to the video and story. 

Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell Was one of the first doctors to complain about the venterlators killing patients visit his youtube page to see his video's.

.White House Reporter and Photographer discuss shocking #Coronavirus study that puts the U.S. death rate “right in line with the flu.” See how mainstream spun the story.

Montana physician Dr Annie Bukacek discusses how death certificates are being manipulated for covid-19 deaths . If in doubt put it down as a covid-19 death. In America a hospital gets around $3500 when a patient is admitted, $13000 for covid patient and over $30,000 if you put them on a ventilator.