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Live Traffic Cameras in Australia --- Over 300 traffic cameras.
Australian Snow Cams- -- Plus link to New Zealand snow cams.
Coastal Watch --- Surf Cams all over Australia, very large collection.
Broome Cam --- Streaming from the famous Cable Beach.
Sea Eagle nest Webcam ---Live webcam shows the nest of the sea eagle.
The nest is located on a tree near the Parramatta River in the Olympic Park of Sydney, Australia.
Antarctic Webcams and Timelapse Video --- From the Australian Antarctic Division.
Canberra Airport

From Around The World

Mangolink Live Animal Cams and Videos --- A vast colection of live animals ,fish, insects and many more.
Explore --- Animals around the world Gorilla's,Elephants,Brown Bears, Polar Bears,Gray Seals and many more.
San Diego Zoo --- View some of the animals at the zoo.
European Southern Observatory --- Web cameras have been placed at many of the ESO sites, allowing anyone to see ESO’s advanced telescopes in action in one of the driest deserts in the world at any time.
Virtual Railfan --- A set of webcams from various train crossings and stations.
Willard Library GhostCams --- One day, we may find out who is haunting the Willard Library. Until then, watch quietly. Perhaps you'll see our Lady in Grey as she passes in front of our cameras.
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory --- 27 cameras, both visual and thermal, of Hawaiian volcanos and lava flows.
Cruisin --- CRUISIN currently has links to over 680 active Cruise Port & Travel Destination Cameras. plus links to over 290 active Cruise Ship Cameras.
High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV) --- Currently, live views from the ISS are streaming from an external camera mounted on the ISS module called Node 2
Airport Webcams --- More than 2,170 webcams – the largest database of airport webcams online.
Larry's Vacation Webcams --- A very large collection of different types of webcams.