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Products I Like

Products I Like

Seterra ---- geography program with more than 50 map exercises ; 13 quizzes
www.mathforum.org/students --- Have a math question? You will find the answer here
www.m-w.com --- Very good dictionary
www.foundingdocs.gov.au --- This website tells the story of Austalia throigh the documents which give our National, State and Territory Goverments the right to govern.
Aussie kids software --- Software for kids they sell educational and non violent computer games for children.

Educational Sites For The Kids

Nasa kids -- for the kids
Student and Teachers -- subject-specific experiments and activities designed for students and teachers to do with the weather.
The World Factbook -- Now called Eaglebook Infomation about many countries put together by the C.I.A
The reference deskRefdesk indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current information-based site and assists readers in navigating these sites.
take-seat-road-trip-geographyA great site if you want to learn lots about geography

Ipad programes for the young ones

Itsy bitsy spider -- by Duck duck moose (interactive game)
Old Mcdonald -- by Duck duck moose (interactive game)
The little mermaid's suprise -- magic ink books (book)
Busy scenes (book)
Ebo's stories (book
Rainy Days (book)
Animal Book (book)
Princesssticker -- Captive games (interactive game)
Talking Tom ,Talking Tom 2, Talking Rex, Talking Gina, Talking John, Talking Santa (interactive game), Talking Harry, Talking Lila, Talking Pierre, Talking John, Talking Rex
Glow Draw (interactive game)
Create a Car -- abcya.com (interactive game)
123 color hd , 123 Glow , 123 Sticker (all interactive games)
Martian (interactive game)
DressStudio (interactive game)
Make a Zombie , Lala Zombie (interactive game)
Fashion Lite, Dress Studio, Princess Lite, Dress me up, Beach Party
luch Box (interactive game)
Flick golf HD (interactive game)
ColorPlay HD (interactive game)