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Products I Like

FISH BITES --- My fishing trips

Quinns Beach - Perth - Evening Sunday 11 Jan 2009. --- Incomming tide, full moon.
Me -- 1 taylor, 6 bull herring. Cherie 3 taylor, 2 bull herring. Gail 1 bull herring.

Seaspray beach - Dongara - Evening Friday 16 Jan 2009 --- high tide -> low
seaspray fish

Me 6 tailor, 1 snook, 1 bull herring, released 1 tailor (41cm)
Gail 4 tailor

Northshore Beach - Dongara - Evening Saturday 17 Jan 2009 --- high tide -> low
northshore fish1

Me 2 snook, 1 bull herring, 1 small mullaway.
Gail 1 taylor 55cm, 1 mullaway 33cm
Both Gail and I both had some good mullaway runs

North side of Dennison Marina - Dongara - Evening Sunday 18 Jan 2009 ->high tide.
marina Me 10 tailor,2 snook
Gail 12 tailor. 5 snook, 1 skippy
All fish returned to the ocean
North side of Dennison Marina - Dongara - Evening 20 Jan 2009 -> high tide
Me 13 tailor 1x33cm 1x35cm other 11 released. 1 stingray released. My first hammerhead shark approx. 1.4m long released
Gail 9 tailor all released

North side of Dennison Marina - Dongara - Evening 21 Jan 2009 -> high tide

Chris 2 Tailor
Gail 2 Tailor, near the end of the night Gails reel started to peel off line at a very fast rate. She finally started to turn the fish until it was about a hundred feet out were it just became a dead weight. After about a twenty minute fight we noticed a big fin in the water, it was a very big shark fin. Finally Gail got the shark to within about 50 feet of where we were standing. Estimates put the shark at about four meters, it was just huge. This is where the line broke much to Gails joy, after this struggle we had to replace the line on the reel as it was stretched beyond belief.


Fished Dongara April 21-26 2009
Tues 21st -- Fished Northshore,very heavy swell, lots of weed. No fish -- low tide.
Wed 22nd -- Fished Seaspray, big swell, lots of weed, fished for 1 hr. Chris caught 1 tailor, some fish took a bite out of its bum on the way in ! -- Low tide.
Thurs 23rd -- Fished Seaspay, sweel moderate,very windy, no fish. -- low tide.
Friday 24 -- Drove 160km to Port Gregory to fish, made bastards!!! Sat on the point to the right of the jettyfor a hour or so waiting for the sun to set. When it did all we caught was a big Northwest Blowee, well Gail did. It was very very windy. We then move to fish off the jetty. Chris caught 2 snook and 3 Tailor (1 returned ) Gail caught 6 tailor (2 returned) one of Gails was 40cm. We then packed up and drove the 160km back to Dongara.
Sat 25 and Sun 26th -- We fished the north wall of the Marina. No fish -- low tide
Had a great holiday but the fishing was very disappointing.


Gails Blowee


Jetty at PT Gregory

Pt Gregory North of Geraldton

pt gregory