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My Model Railroad
Watch as I make my Model Railroad for my grand children to enjoy. 

I will put up pictures as the layout changes along the way

As large sections change I will put the pictures here. There will be many changes in each area because knowing me I will change my mind regularly !​    pics here

I will be 3d printing a lot of the buildings and bits and pieces that I will require along the way.  I will be using a Flashforge creative pro filament printer and a Duplicator 7 plus resin printer. Below will be a list of the parts and then pictures of the assembled projects.

Printed the guest house called the Stratford Inn. This was the building that was used for the tapping of the Newhart Show in the 80's    pics here

20 bridge truss's 3d printed and then painted black     pics here

Two stall Engine House printed with PETG fileament. Only the four exhust stacks on the roof were printed in resin  
pics here

 3 light towers printed with ABS filament.​ Each tower has three 3mm white LED's and a single 56 Ohm resistor in the base.  I used the brass rod to look like electrical conduit running up the tower, but the (2) rods actually supply the power to the lights.    pics here   

This will be a waterfull going down into a river​ with many 3d printed parts.    pics here

I printed two bridges with PETG filement and painted them in a rustic brown. Each bridge was made up of 14 separate parts. Of course more pics here

This page has small projects on it that do not require their own page​    Pics Here

This page has video's of the construction phase    

Video Here