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Unicorn-in-a-forest light box

I made this Unicorn in a light box for my 7 year old grand daughter for Christmas (2023). I had to print many of the parts in two halves due to the small size of my printer build plate. This does cause many problems that would not accure if I could have printed them whole. The corner of the main body did lift up during printing but I ignored it as the printed outside panel completly covers it. I printed that part in ABS which of caurse warped. The black outside case was printed in PETG which in hindsite I should have printed the internal parts with. ( I was trying to get rid of my ABS filament ).  I'm sorry about the 4th picture it was hard to get where there was no reflection on the glass. The glass is 2mm thick and cut to size at my local glass shop. A small name tag was printed and then painted with a clear glitter. The name tag on either side help to cover were I had to print in two halves. The light in the rear ia a meter long LED color strip purchased from Ebay. It comes with an app you put on your phone where you can control the LED colors. I have added a couple of pictures of a Dragon that I made for my grandson for Christmas.

This thing was created by Thingiverse user zorroronoa, and is licensed under cc-sa.  As usual I made small changes to make the project my own.