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This page is were you will find the pictures an​d informaion as I build my HO scale model railroad layout.

Check out the first c​omputer that I ever owned. Tandy TRS-80 , How did we ever get anything done ?

Lin​ks to many Webcams from around the world.

Reading with dyslexia? That can be quite a challenge. Dyslexie font offers people with dyslexia a unique typeface to make reading, learning, and working easier - always, everywhere, and on every device. This font has changed my life since I have been using it. You can install it on web browsers and most android devices. I read using a kindle and change the font using calibre e-book management. There is a website that tells you how do this --- website 
To obtain the font Goto

Are you Dyslexic

Just because I do my own research which causes me to form my own opinion , DOES NOT Make me a conspiracy theorist !!!

A 3d printed Unicorn Light Box

The many printed pictures make a very unique 3d picture. The LED strip light allows you to change the color to any color you wish. A Unicorn for my grandaughter and Dragon for my grandson.
More info on the unicorn page